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Comedian John Oliver begs Toronto to vote for Doug Ford

Comedian John Oliver delivers a bit about Toronto mayoral candidate Doug Ford on his show "Last Week Tonight" CROOKSANDLIARS.COM

Comedian John Oliver devoted a four-minute segment on his late-night show to mocking one of Toronto’s mayoral candidates before he could even be elected.

The former Daily Show correspondent closed Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight by begging Torontonians to vote for Doug Ford for the world’s amusement.

“Sadly, current Mayor Rob Ford, everyone’s favourite walking beefsteak tomato, is not running for re-election,” he said. “But don’t despair, for there is another. Rob Ford has a brother.”

Oliver then picks a few examples from Doug’s campaign to demonstrate how similar he is to Rob — including his awkward comments about Jewish people and accusations he had called a reporter a “little b****.”

“Toronto, I think I speak on behalf of the rest of the world when I deliver you this message: please, please elect this man,” Oliver said.

“Sure, his brother was fun, but at a certain point we felt bad laughing at him, whereas Doug Ford doesn’t have a drug problem. He’s just an a*****e— a non-chemically-assisted a*****e.

“So please, Toronto, I beg you — Let us laugh at your a*****e for another four years.”

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