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Brampton woman victim of possible coyote attack

A warning sign was posted near where a Brampton woman was attacked by what's believed to be a coyote. (CITYNEWS)

A Brampton woman is undergoing painful rabies treatments after she was bitten by what’s believed to be a coyote.

Jasmine Bajaj’s children had just gone inside their home on Thursday night when she says the animal attacked her in her driveway.

It sunk its teeth into her calf before Bajaj was able to keep it at bay by scaring it with her house keys.

“So that’s what I did with my keys to scare him off,” she said. “He moved back (and) I kept shaking them.”

Neighbours tell CityNews coyotes have approached other people, and one neighbour said they had to scare one away with a plank of wood when it tried to attack an elderly woman.

The City of Brampton recently hung signs alerting residents that a family of coyotes are living in a ravine near Steeles Avenue and Mississauga Road and that Animal Services is trying to find the animal that attacked Bajaj.

Animal Services plan on setting up some traps around the neighbourhood, but it’s unclear if they plan to relocate it or it put down.

Authorities are telling people that if they spot a coyote — especially sniffing around homes or buildings away from it’s natural habitat —  to report it by calling 311.