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John Tory to appoint Denzil Minnan-Wong deputy mayor

Mayor-elect John Tory will appoint Denzil Minnan-Wong his deputy mayor.

The Ward 34 councillor confirmed the appointment to CityNews Sunday evening.

“It’s a real honour to be asked to be deputy mayor,” he said. “We’ve got some real challenges ahead of us and I’m looking forward to working with the mayor closely and the new council in solving those problems.”

Minnan-Wong expressed his excitement over the position on Twitter.

Tory and the new city council will take the oath of office on Monday in front of the city clerk before being publicly be sworn in on Tuesday at the first meeting of council.

Minnan-Wong joked about his wife’s reaction to the news.

“I quickly sent a text to my wife saying that I’d been ask to be deputy mayor and she said ‘congratulations and don’t forget to bring home the groceries’,” he said with a chuckle. “You have to stay grounded and that’s what your family is for.”

Other key positions on Tory’s team reportedly include Josh Colle as TTC chair and Frances Nunziata remaining on as speaker.