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EXCLUSIVE: Man finds what appears to be drugs inside used jacket at Value Village

A Brampton man who was simply buying a winter jacket with his young daughter was shocked to find what appeared to be drugs inside the pocket.

Gerry O’Brien said he purchased the jacket at a local Value Village on Sunday afternoon. It wasn’t until he was walking to the car that he checked the jacket’s inside pockets and found two small packets containing what he believed to be cocaine.

“I’ve never dealt with the stuff, I’ve never touched anything like this so it was a little scary,” O’Brien told CityNews. “I threw them back in the pocket and I thought about it and then I called the police.”

Police said the substance seized appeared to be cocaine and estimated its value at $250.

O’Brien said he shops at Value Village often and always thought everything was thoroughly cleaned. On the store’s website it says all donations get sorted by teams and only the highest-quality reusable items are made ready to sell.

“What if I came home, put the jacket down and [my daughter] reached in the pocket for whatever reason and she found it. That could be dangerous,” he said.

This incident comes just days after a large bag of marijuana was found inside a toy bought at a Target store in Brampton. Police are still investigating that incident.

Police said they will be destroying the substance O’Brien turned over, and that they will be following up with the Value Village to make sure they are aware of the incident.

However, police added that tracing the jacket back to a suspect is nearly impossible.