Early-morning crash causes commuter mess on Hwy. 401

By News staff

An early-morning crash involving a truck caused slowdowns on the westbound Highway 401 just west of Highway 410.

A truck cab, without its trailer, was travelling on the 401 when it struck a guardrail just after 4 a.m. on Friday and spun out, rupturing a fuel tank and spewing diesel on the roadway.

It then somehow got wedged backwards inside the crevice that exists between the westbound collector and express lanes and got stuck in that gully. At that spot, the express lanes and collector lanes veer away from each other forming a “V” in the middle, which is where the truck ended up.

The truck also took out a chunk of the concrete from the median.

At one point, two lanes in the collectors and two right lanes in the express were blocked. As of noon, the collector lanes have reopened but one express lane remains closed.

With files from Carl Hanstke

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