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Convicted killer gets additional six years for courthouse beating of witness

Last Updated Oct 4, 2016 at 6:35 pm EDT

A man convicted of murdering four people during a shooting spree in 2010 has been sentenced to an additional six years behind bars for trying to silence a witness to two of the homicides.

Mark Moore is currently serving a life sentence for four first-degree murders.

He gunned down Mike James, Courthney Facey, Jameel Spence and Carl Cole over a span of 75 days.

Three of the four men were random strangers that Moore shot to establish his reputation as a gangster rapper.

On Tuesday, Moore was sentenced to an additional 6 years for the courthouse beating of a former friend who was poised to testify against him.

Moore was found guilty of aggravated assault on Kevin Williams in April 2013, while they were placed in a cell together at 361 University Ave., courthouse.

Although a guard who witnessed the beating testified at the trial, Justice Kelly said on Tuesday “it remains unclear” as to why both were in the same cell.

“Mr. Williams was an eye witness in two homicides,” Justice Kelly said. “It is a logical inference that Mr. Williams was assaulted by Moore because he was poised to testify against him.”

“The assault was an attempt to scare and intimidate” Williams so he wouldn’t testify, the judge added.


Williams suffered a fractured orbital bone in the attack and went on to testify as a witness for the Crown after the beating.

“I am satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that Moore sought retribution against Mr. Williams…to dissuade him from testifying,” Justice Kelly concluded.

Williams said he believed “justice was served” and actually thanked Moore for “showing me the life I was living at the time of my…offences was not right.”

“I was caught up in a culture that endorses the same thing that poisons the urban community,” he added. “Some people (have) to learn the hard way, and it was a hard lesson for me. yet (it led me) to a place of enlightenment.”