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Dead dog found in garbage bag near Dundas and Runnymede

Last Updated Sep 27, 2017 at 5:49 am EDT

Residents in the Junction are concerned and upset after the body of a dead dog was found stuffed in a garbage bag on Tuesday morning.

“I was walking home with my dog, and from that corner there I saw a huge bag and it didn’t looked good,” Andrea Mayer, a resident in the area, told CityNews.

She said that through a gaping hole in the bag she noticed short black hair. She said she thought the dog was perhaps a Labrador.

The dog’s body was wrapped in two large garbage bags and was placed in front of a stop sign in the Dundas Street West and Runnymede Road area.

Mayer said she notified the residents of the home right next to the scene and they were just as confused and disturbed by the shocking discovery.

“Who would do something like this? This is craziness, for someone to leave a dog or anything like that, that’s inhuman” Nick Nasso, who lives right next to the scene, said.

Mayer said a lot of kids pass by the intersection where the dog’s body was found – a school bus that stops in that location – and she was worried children would see the disturbing scene. Plus, with the high temperatures hitting the city recently, she wanted to make sure the corpse wasn’t lying there for hours.

She and another neighbour contacted police and after arriving on scene, the officers handed the the investigation over to Animal Services.

Meanwhile, residents are left wondering how something like this could happen on their street where so many dog owners live

“If you’ve hit the dog with a car or the dog got sick, there’s places to take them,” Nasso continued. “If you don’t have the money, to dispose of it, you can take it to a vet, call animal services, there are agencies out there.”

Anyone who may have information regarding this incident are being asked to call 311 or Toronto police.