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Warm temperatures delay changing colours of fall leaves

Last Updated Oct 5, 2017 at 4:55 pm EDT

If you’re heading north for Thanksgiving weekend you may notice a little something missing on the drive – the vibrant array of colours that usually grace the trees this time of year.

Normally we’d be in peak fall colour season but the warm nights that we’ve enjoyed in late September and early October have delayed leaf progression, leaving them an unseasonable green.

Ontario travel expert Kevin Forget says if you’re heading to cottage country for the long weekend you may catch pockets of colour, but it won’t be the bright display of previous years.

However, all is not lost – the further north you go, the brighter the leaves are.

As always, Algonquin Park is already a sight to see. That’s because it’s 600 metres above sea level – allowing changes in leaf colour more readily than other areas of the province. However, experts recommend that you wait a week before driving north to check them out. By then, the fall leaf colours should really be popping.

To keep tabs on the evolution of the fall colours, visit https://www.ontariotravel.net/en/home.