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Finch West station will open on time despite construction delays: TTC

Last Updated Oct 27, 2017 at 3:27 pm EST

The TTC is giving the public a glimpse inside three new subway stations on the Line 1 extension this weekend — but Finch West isn’t on the list. In fact, it’s the only station that hasn’t been open for a public viewing this year.

The reason: construction on the station appears to be nowhere close to the other stations, with materials strewn about and escalators not yet installed. But the TTC is confident all six of its new stations on the Line 1 extension will be up and running when the trains are ready to roll through on Dec. 17.

“Finch West is not ready yet for prime time if you will … and so we can’t open it this weekend because we do, as you say, have to get lots of things done,” TTC spokesman Brad Ross said.

“Yes, it’s behind all the others, there’s no two ways about that — and I’m not going to pretend it’s not — but will it be ready for December 17th? Absolutely.”

The buildings, the signs and the landscaping are done for most of Pioneer Village Station, on the north side of York University, and also at Vaughan Metropolitan Centre. Just the finishing touches are being put on Highway 407 Station.

But it’s a different story at Finch West, near Keele Street, where construction is still active.

The TTC said the slower progress is partly due to unique challenges at the busy intersection, including having to dig under a hydro corridor and building the station to accommodate the Finch West LRT.

The TTC told CityNews there are also issues with the contractor, which it said is not unusual for a project of its size.

“There are claims and there are claims resolutions underway and I wouldn’t want to prejudice that in any way by speaking out of school on some of the challenges,” Ross said.

With 52 days until the subway extension opens, the TTC said there is plenty of time for Finch West to catch up.

“The cladding for example on the exterior is probably the most visible to the public that makes it look like it’s very much under construction — That will start to be installed next week,” Ross said. “So, that exterior finish will start to come together quickly.”

Bonfield Construction, the company working on Finch West Station, declined to comment.

The open houses at Pioneer Village, Vaughan and 407 stations run from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday. For more information, visit the TTC website.