Soccer legend Diego Maradona’s statue gets roasted online

Another football icon’s statue is being lambasted online.

This week in Kolkata, India, a bust of Argentina’s Diego Maradona was unveiled, honouring his work in the 1986 World Cup victory over England.

While his work on the pitch may have been spectacular, the online critics are giving the statue the red card.

One online commentator from the U.K. posted to Twitter, saying the statue of, what was supposed to a 25-year old Maradona, “looks like someone’s gran.”

Others have compared the likeness to that of Patrick Duffy, Michael Landon, Roger Moore, Mrs. Doubtfire and even Susan Boyle.

And it didn’t take long for social media to draw comparisons to a bust of Cristiano Rinaldo, which was unveiled earlier this year in Portugal.

Reviews on the Ronaldo statue were so scathing, it had to be re-done.

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