Man suing hospital and surgeon for removing teeth ‘in error’

By Brandon Rowe

A man is suing a Newmarket hospital and an oral surgeon for just over $1-million after he claims all the teeth in his mouth were removed in error.

Lee Schwaderer says he went to Southlake Regional Health Centre in February 2015 to have 14 upper teeth and two cysts removed. Instead, when he awoke from the procedure he was told all of the teeth in his mouth were pulled.

“As I was coming out of sedation the doctor leaned over me and just said ‘I don’t know what I was thinking I pulled all of your teeth out,’” Schwaderer tells CityNews.

Schwaderer’s wife Enid says she was in shock upon learning the news.

“I was trying to be strong for my husband,” she said. “None of the nurses in the area wanted to look at us. Nobody looked up. Everybody had their heads down.”

CityNews obtained Schwaderer’s physician progress and order record from his day surgery. It states: “In error I removed all of Les’ teeth. I apologized (several times). No excuses. I’m sorry.”

CityNews reached out to Dr. Keith Ford Moore, who practices in Newmarket and has almost 40 years of experience. He declined to answer any questions on the advice of his attorney.

In a statement to CityNews, Southlake Hospital – where Dr. Moore is the head of dentistry – would not comment specifically on the case as it is before the courts.

“We take any complaints from patients very seriously and we do thorough investigations of patient complaints to ensure all our processes keep our patients safe,” the statement read.

Schwaderer claims he was forced to go to Mount Sinai to have his bottom jaw repaired and was told he would never be able to wear dentures due to the damage.

The Schwaderer’s claim day-to-day life has been a struggle since the surgery.

“Try smiling with no teeth,” said Lee. “That’s not a good thing and being able to eat normal things, hell I can’t.”

“It’s been three years of struggle, physical emotional and financial,” said Enid.

In his lawsuit Schwaderer alleges assault, battery and negligence.

The allegations have yet to be proven in court.

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