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Serena Ryder's 'Memory' serves her well

Last Updated Apr 20, 2018 at 4:44 pm EDT

As soon as you hear her voice on the radio, you know who it is. Canadian singer/songwriter Serena Ryder has been a staple in the Canadian music scene for the last decade. Friday is a special day for her as she reissued one of her first gold records.

“It’s a special album for me,” Ryder told CityNews. “It was the first big album I ever did, it was the first time I had a gold record and it took me to the Juno Awards for the first time.”

The album ‘If Your Memory Serves You Well’ features the hit song ‘Weak in the Knees’.

“I’m at a point in my life where looking back at my life is very important to me and to look back and see what I have done so far.”

Her album falls the day before Record Store Day, which sees limited edition special releases for vinyl enthusiasts. Having her album released on vinyl is something Ryder has waited 12 years for.

“I’ve always wanted to have it on vinyl, even when I first put it out I wanted it on vinyl. Listening back to the music now I think how I was so young and I felt like I was so old. I was around 22-years-old and now listening back my voice was older than my age.”

Ryder has been on the road for years and felt she was finally able to reflect on this album that helped launch her career.

“With this album it was nice to reissue it because it gave me a chance to slow down and really look back at what I’ve done because I’m also moving forward in another direction.”

Serena is currently building her own recording studio where and is in the process of writing not one, but two albums.