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Growing feud between cab and Uber drivers at Union Station

The Uber logo is seen in front of protesting taxi drivers. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Ryan Remiorz

Tension continues to grow between cab and Uber drivers at one of Toronto’s most popular destinations.

With 250,000 people passing through Union Station every day, drivers are vying for their share of the business. But cab drivers say Ubers are now using designated taxi stand areas even though they’re not supposed to.

“They should know better,” said cab driver Mahmud Bakhshian. “They are not allowed to park in a taxi stand, but they do.”

People passing through the station say they often see tense situations unfolding between the two groups.

Cab drivers are seen confronting Uber drivers, telling them to get out of their space. The city confirms that only taxi drivers are allowed to use the designated taxi stands, and this is indicated clearly by signage.

But some Uber drivers suggest that it’s possible not everyone is aware of the rules.

“Maybe the newer drivers, if they just start driving, they don’t know the rules,” said Uber driver Albert Wale.

Wale added, he knows better than to ever break the rule.

The city would not confirm whether or not there is a designated area for Uber and Lyft drivers. Uber drivers say anything outside the taxi standing area is fair game, but sometimes during rush hour, when things are particularly cramped and crowded, they have no place else to go.

“Some of them disobey the law,” said cab driver Dalume Aziz.

“I blame the government, I don’t blame them. The government allowed them to get in. I’m 82 years old, 49 years driving a taxi. And they sold us for nothing.”