Alien visits? UFO survey says 1,101 sightings across Canada in 2017


Manitoba-based Ufology Research has released its 2017 survey on UFO sightings across Canada.

The group says there were just over 1,100 sightings of unidentified flying objects — an average of three a day.

About eight per cent of those were deemed unexplainable.

Quebec had the most sightings at 518, while Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Edmonton topped cities with the most UFO reports.

The survey says one sighting in French River, Ontario involved two witnesses who watched multiple colours in the sky for about 10 minutes.

It says the two people became very frightened when several coloured “orbs” approached them and hovered in front of them.

Ufology Research says while the number of sightings remains high, there is no concrete evidence that UFO cases involve extraterrestrial contact.

Here are some other findings from the survey:

Sightings reported in 1989 (first year of survey): 154

Sightings reported in 2017: 1,101

Highest number of sightings: 2015 with 1,267

Top three provinces for sightings: Quebec (518), Ontario (241) and British Columbia (128)

Cities with most UFO sightings: Montreal (74), Toronto (57), Vancouver (46), Edmonton (29), Hamilton (28), Ottawa (26), Calgary (24), Winnipeg (9)

Average number of witnesses per sighting: 2

Typical length of sightings: 15 minutes

Shape of sightings: Boomerang, cigar, cone, cylinder, diamond, disc, fireball, irregular, line, oval, point source, rectangle, round, sphere, square, triangle

Source: Ufology Research

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