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'Grabbing grannies' caught on camera taking planters from North York home

Last Updated Jul 24, 2018 at 5:40 pm EDT

Security video shows two elderly women stealing planters from in front of a home in the Victoria Park and Eglinton Avenue area. HANDOUT

They’re being dubbed the “grabbing grannies” – two elderly ladies have been caught on camera reportedly stealing planters from a home in the Victoria Park and Eglinton Avenue area.

Video posted on social media is going viral, showing the women walking onto the property, tipping over the planters onto the lawn, and then carrying them off. They then return with a garbage bag and fill it with some soil and flowers before leaving the property.

Mary, who requested we not use her last name, owns the home and the planters, and tells CityNews she is baffled by the behaviour.

“It’s really absurd. It made us very upset and very angry that somebody would come into the property and just do at will what they wanted,” she says. “We were saying ‘my goodness what else would they do?,” she adds.

She says the women also went around to the back of the house, possibly to see what else they could find.

Mary and her husband own the property which is currently unoccupied and they visit it to perform regular maintenance. The home is on a one-way street, so Mary says it’s unlikely the women were simply passing by.

“They’re not just driving by and happened to see. They’re coming with intention I believe,” she says.

Mary’s husband reported the incident to police, but without a license plate or other specifics, they were told nothing could be done.

She says the violation of their property left them disgusted and disturbed and they felt compelled to act. A friend helped them upload the video to Facebook in hopes that someone may be able to recognize the women. The video now has almost 50,000 views.

Thanks to the views and shares, they say more people have come forward, saying the women have reportedly been seen near other homes in the area.

“Where are their morals? Do they have any moral sense? This behaviour from well respected looking women is disappointing,” says Mary