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Bryan Adams set to release new album 'Shine a Light'

Last Updated Feb 27, 2019 at 6:54 pm EDT

He is a Grammy winner, an Order of Canada recipient and, with over 75 million albums sold, one of the biggest selling Canadian Musicians of all time.

Canadian crooner Bryan Adams has been selling out shows around world for decades, but it was a musical adventure on another stage that helped inspire his highly anticipated new album ‘Shine a Light’, out March 1.

“This album was made at the same time I was making the Broadway musical Pretty Woman.” Adams told CityNews. “So in between the moments I had working on the musical I was shelving ideas for this project, I did it in my spare time.”

The ‘Cut’s Like a Knife’ singer’s music is known across international borders and that’s where he found his latest collaborator, Ed Sheeran.

“We met in Dublin and I sent him the song I was working on. He responded saying he really liked it and then I didn’t hear anything for a couple of days. That’s because Ed doesn’t have a phone so you can’t even call him! Then he sent me an idea in an email and I thought it was just great so we ended up finishing the songs over email”

While Sheeran didn’t sing on the track, Adams has been known to have some high profile artist’s guest star on his albums. For this album he had the help of a woman some know as “Jenny from the block.”

“I recorded the song That’s How Strong Our Love Is, and I finished it and mixed it and thought you know what? This would be a really good song for somebody to sing with me and Jennifer Lopez just popped into my head. So I thought – I am going to ask,” he said. “I sent an email to her manager and they came back and said ‘yeah we would love to do it.’ I’m really glad they did because she sounds really good on it.”

The father of two has adoring fans spanning generations, but when it comes to his own daughters – he’s still is trying to get them into the Bryan Adams fan club. He says there is one word he adds to his songs to make them enjoy it.

“Poo” Adams said with a laugh. “Dad’s music doesn’t really register with them, but occasionally it does when we make it fun. Especially if you change the words and add poo. If you add poo to anything they think it’s funny.”

If you can’t get enough of Bryan Adams, tune in to CHFI on Feb. 28, where he joins the station for an hour to play some of his favourite songs along with tracks from his new album “Shine a Light”.