$5 beer to be offered during Blue Jays games this season

By News Staff

As opening day of the Blue Jays new season approaches, a new promotion at the Rogers Centre is sure to catch the average baseball fan’s eye.

Executive vice-president of business operations Andrew Miller says starting this season, each level of the stadium will have a stand where everything is $5, including beer.

It’s quite the departure from the regular prices for canned beer which can cost upwards of $12 for a tall can.

The $5 brews will be available in 12-ounce sizes, but it’s not clear which type of beer will be at the stand.

Miller said they are trying to find ways that “fans, as they’ve expressed to us , can get more value when they’re at the Rogers Centre.”

The Blue Jays are also offering game-packs for the opening months of the season. A pass for all the home games in March and April costs $99, plus a one-time $8 seat fee to sit in the 500-level.

They also plan to have six loonie hot dog nights, with the first happening on April 2 when the Jays face the Orioles in their opening series.

Opening day is March 28 and tickets are still available.

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