GTA gas price set to climb 3 cents by Saturday

By News Staff

The price of gas is set to rise sharply just in time for the long weekend.

The price of gas is jumping one cent at midnight and it’s expected to climb another three cents at the pump by Saturday, to an average price of 131.9 cents/litre at most GTA stations.

While it would be easy to look at the spike in the price of gas and blame it on the long weekend, En-Pro gas price expert Roger McKnight says the Canadian prices aren’t determined in Canada.

“Prices in Canada are made in the United States. If this was Memorial Day weekend at the end of May and prices were jacked up, then I could say it was because of the long weekend. But it’s not the long weekend in the United States, it’s the long weekend in Canada and the two are not the same.”

While the jump is leaving commuters frustrated, McKnight says drivers should not be surprised as this type of increase is usually expected at this time of the year.

“In 15 of the last 16 years that I’ve been doing this, prices go up at this time of year, just before the so-called driving season which starts at the end of May.”

McKnight expects the price of gas to remain around this level until the end of June.

The good news? Once kids are out of school, the price should drop which will make for a cheaper drive in July and August for families heading out on vacation.

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