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Doug Ford says Boris Johnson will do 'great job' as Britain's next prime minister

Last Updated Jul 23, 2019 at 12:23 pm EST

Ontario Premier Doug Ford says Boris Johnson will do a “great job” as Britain’s next prime minister.

Ford praised the new leader of Britain’s Conservative Party at a news conference in Lucan, Ont., this morning.

He says Johnson is “a no-nonsense type of person” who will “get the job done.”

The premier says he would like to meet Johnson if he ever travels to the United Kingdom.

Johnson overwhelmingly defeated rival Jeremy Hunt in a vote of party members.

He is also set to succeed Theresa May as prime minister on Wednesday.

Ford promises more transparent appointments process

While fielding questions Tuesday, Ford promised more transparency in the province’s appointment process following a patronage controversy that has plagued his government for weeks.

Ford says his government will put a new appointment process in place to deliver that clarity but he would not commit to releasing internal reviews into the matter.

Ford’s chief of staff abruptly left his job last month when it first emerged that people given lucrative foreign postings were connected to him.

In the weeks since his departure more appointees forwarded by Dean French have come under scrutiny and resigned after their links to him were revealed.

The premier says he has not spoken to French in some time but wished him well.

Ford’s office is conducting a review of all pending appointments while the Treasury Board is reviewing the province’s appointment process.