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Life’s expensive. But can a government really fix that?

Real estate signs on a street in Calgary, Alberta on Sept. 8, 2013. THE CANADIAN PRESS IMAGES/Larry MacDougal

In today’s Big Story podcast, affordability is the buzzword in this election campaign. You can see it everywhere from lists of voter concerns to policy papers to slogans like the Conservative party’s “It’s time for you to get ahead.” So naturally, every party is vying to claim they’ll save you money. Will they? Time will tell.

It’s tempting, no matter your political leanings, to listen to the people who can put a specific dollar amount on a promise — “$500 back in your pocket” sounds really nice. But can they deliver it? And is that $500 worth more than a policy that might save you thousands in your old age…assuming it can ever be implemented. If a government wants to make life more affordable for its people, what options do they actually have at their disposal?

GUEST: Mike Eppel, Senior Business Editor, 680 News, CityNews

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