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Why Gen Z is being labelled 'Generation Anxiety'

FILE - In this March 14, 2018 file photo, fifteen-year-old Leah Zundel waves a placard during a student walkout to protest gun violence on the soccer field behind Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo. Most of the students who commit deadly school attacks were bullied, had a history of disciplinary trouble and their behavior concerned others, but it wasn't reported. That's according to a comprehensive study by the U.S. Secret Service's National Threat Assessment Center of 41 school attacks since the 1999 Columbine High School Shooting. (AP Phoot/David Zalubowski)

In today’s Big Story podcast, being a teenager or a young adult is a stressful time. Anxiety is not uncommon when you’re trying to figure out where you belong in the world. But today’s youth are experiencing anxiety on a whole new level. Getting good grades and keeping friendships? That’s the least of their concerns. They’re worried about bigger things, like climate change and precarious work. Are these issues in any way comparable to what young people from previous generations worried about? How big of a role does technology play in all of this? And how are governments helping–or not helping–to offer much-needed support?

GUEST: Johanna Chisolm, The Toronto Star

GUEST HOST: Stefanie Phillips, The Big Story Producer

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