Anti-lockdown protestors take to Queen’s Park again

By News staff

For the second weekend in a row, a group of people have taken to Queen’s Park to protest the lockdown measures in place to help slow the spread of coronavirus.

Over 100 people are gathering on the front lawn, holding signs that said “Fake pandemic,” and “Social distancing is fake science.”

Several protestors take to Queen’s Park to protest against the lockdown measures in place to slow the spread of COVId-19. CITYNEWS/Ken Townsend

Toronto police cars were spotted at the protest as well.

Premier Doug Ford said while he’s not against the right to protest, the people outside “are putting their lives in jeopardy.”

He added, “What just burns me up more than anything, more than them standing out there, is I see our Canadian flag being flown upside.”

He called it “disrespectful” to the Canadian military and those of the frontlines, as well Canadians who have been united through this challenge.

“If they want to fly our flag upside down and they don’t respect our country, I’ll be the first to help them pack their bags and find a country that they want.”

A police car is parked outside Queen’s Park as protestors gather on the front lawn. In the background, you can see a protestor wearing a Canadian flag upside down. CITYNEWS/Ken Townsend

Last week, about 100 people gathered at Queen’s Park and carried signs calling for Premier Doug Ford to reopen the Ontario economy and that self-isolating was against their freedom of choice.

Toronto Police say no one was ticketed at the protest because they were spaced out enough to comply with physical distancing requirements.

Ford ripped into the protestors, calling them “a bunch of yahoos” and “absolutely irresponsible.”

Ontario currently has 17,119 cases of COVID-19 in the province and 1,176 deaths.

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