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Ford warns of 'turbulent waters' ahead of new COVID-19 modelling data to be released Tuesday

Last Updated Jan 10, 2021 at 6:08 pm EDT

A medical technician works in the laboratory of the Infectious diseases department for coronavirus (COVID-19) handling samples of coronavirus tests (Photo by Salvatore Laporta/KONTROLAB/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is warning of “turbulent waters” over the next several months ahead of new COVID-19 modelling data scheduled to be released on Tuesday.

In a brief video tweet on Sunday, Ford says the healthcare system is on the brink of being overwhelmed and he urged Ontarians to stick together as it will be late spring before mass vaccination is available.

“I’m asking one more time we need to band together, we need to stick together. We’re going to see some real turbulent waters over the next couple of months,” Ford said. “The healthcare workers, the hospitals, the public health units are all doing everything they can to make sure we vaccinate as many people as possible. Mass vaccination won’t happen till April, May and June but until then, over the next few months we need to practice the social distancing and washing hands.”

On Friday, Ford offered an ominous hint about what to expect, telling Ontarians “you will fall off your chair” when the new data is released.

“They are actually scary numbers, this is crunch time right now,” he said

When it comes to possible new restrictions, sources tell 680 NEWS that no decisions have been made, but that recommendations on further lockdown measures will be put forth to cabinet by the health table on Monday for approval.

All options are said to be on the table, including a possible curfew which would be the government’s most severe restriction since the first wave of COVID-19 last spring.

While a recent public opinion poll found a majority of Ontarians support continuing and even enhancing current lockdown measures, it was also clear that many draw the line on restrictions which would limit their movement outside of their homes, such as a curfew.

Ontario would be the second province to issue a curfew after Quebec imposed one on Saturday night for the next four weeks.

Ontario surpassed 200,000 total coronavirus cases last week, only six weeks after it topped 100,000 cases back on Nov. 20.