Del Duca says if elected premier, he’ll scrap Highway 413 plans and use money for schools

By Richard Southern

Ontario Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca says if elected as Premier next year he will cancel plans for Highway 413 and use the money, approximately $8 billion, to build and repair schools across Ontario.

Highway 413 would connect the 407 to the 410. It was first purposed and then scrapped under the prior Liberal government but revived by the Ford government, which says it would ease traffic on the busy 401.

Critics argue that it will cut through the Greenbelt and environmentally important wetlands.

“Doug Ford has got it all wrong – he’s focused exclusively on rewarding billionaire Conservative donors, while Ontario Liberals are focused on the millions of families whose children deserve the best schools possible,” said Del Duca.

“I am determined to make sure that our kids and our education workers have the best learning and working conditions in the world, and I will do whatever is necessary to make this happen.”

All opposition parties have vowed to scrap the 413 if elected.

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