Canada’s Vaccine Hunters have tips to help you book your shot

By the big story

In today’s Big Story podcast, in one week, the @VaxHuntersCan Twitter account has grown from a few thousand followers to more than 85,000. By the time you read this it may be close to 100,000. And that’s because the account has one simple mission: find available Covid-19 vaccination appointments in clinics, hospitals and pharmacies across Canada, and find people ready to take them.

In the middle of a vaccine rollout that has been convoluted and sometimes confusing, the Vaccine Hunters have been a godsend. But what does it say about our government that they’re needed at all? How did this project come together and evolve? And what have they learned while doing it that can help you book your vaccine?

GUEST: Josh Kalpin, Vaccine Hunters Canada

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