Nearly 40% of Canadians believe country’s immigration target is too high

OTTAWA – Nearly 40 per cent of Canadians think Canada is planning to allow too many immigrants into the country next year, according to a new poll from the Angus Ried Institute and the University of British Columbia.

Ottawa plans to accept more than 400,000 newcomers in 2022, and while there is some divide based on political stripes, 39 per cent of people polled say the target is too high.

A little more than a third believe that the 411,000 is a good number and 13 per cent say Canada should welcome more people looking to immigrate.

More past NDP and Liberal voters (43 per cent and 47 per cent respectively) believed that Canada’s target was appropriate than other voters.

Albertans and Saskachewinians were more likely to say the target should be scaled back, with 50 per cent in Alberta and 54 per cent in Saskatchewan saying so.

This opinion was also more common among people who’ve voted for a Conservative government in the past, with 64 per cent disagreeing with the target.

Less than a quarter of CPC voters back the federal immigration target.

Overall, one in eight believe the target should be more ambitious.

One in five Liberal and NDP voters said Canada should welcome more newcomers.

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