Poll: Overwhelming majority of Canadians support Ukraine, wish they could do more

From politicians to Ukrainians to friends of the Ukrainian community, Toronto was flooded with supporters today. Maleeha Sheikh shares their message and finds out how people can help as Russia's attack continues.

A new poll suggests the vast majority of Canadians stand with Ukraine in the wake of Russia’s invasion last week — with most wishing there was more they could do to help Ukrainians.

The results of a new Maru opinion poll sampling more than 1,500 Canadians found that 91 per cent are in opposition to Russian President Vladimir Putin and support the people of Ukraine.

The poll result suggests most Canadians believe the federal government is doing its fair share to assist Ukrainians during the conflict, with 40 per cent saying Canada is doing “too little” to aid the country. More than 80 per cent of respondents wish there was more they could do to support Ukrainians.

Canada has approved nearly 4,000 Ukrainians for immigration. The federal government says they are working to ensure Ukrainians who are already in Canada temporarily will not see their visas run out.

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Most Canadians believe Putin when he says that anyone who interferes in Russia’s military action will face unseen consequences. Nearly two-thirds took the Russian President’s comments as a threat to use nuclear weapons, and more than one-third believed it was just a bluff.

The poll results suggest few Canadians feel the Russia-Ukraine conflict is the beginning of another world war, with just one-in-six saying we’re seeing the start of World War III. However, a majority — 63 per cent — think it is a real possibility that Canada ends up involved in the conflict.

Most respondents think military action will be necessary from Canada at some point during the dispute, with 36 per cent believing an escalation to military intervention will need to happen if the current economic sanctions imposed on Russia prove to be an insufficient deterrent. One-quarter of respondents think Canada should send forces in now, and 40 per cent believe Canada should steer clear of military intervention at all costs.

A majority surveyed, 67 per cent, say if the current sanctions placed on Russia by several nations could result in a Russian revolt against Putin.

Among the sanctions put forth, the federal government has banned Canadian financial institutions from any transactions with the Russian Central Bank and imposed an asset freeze and dealings prohibition on Russian sovereign wealth funds.

Canada had also placed sanctions on Russian elites and politicians, including Putin.

Canada delivered $25 million worth of non-lethal military aid to Ukraine on Tuesday. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Monday that Canada would also be shipping a significant enhancement of lethal military assistance by sending anti-tank weapons and upgraded ammunition.

The majority of Canadians say they stand with Trudeau and his rejection of Putin. Nearly 90 per cent say Canadian federal political parties need to show a common front against Russia.

Canada’s foreign affairs minister, along with other western diplomats, walked out in the middle of an address by the Russian foreign minister at the United Nations Human Rights Council on Tuesday. Joly says Canada wants the International Criminal Court to investigate Russia for possible crimes against humanity.

Canada has the most prominent Ukrainian population in the world outside of Ukraine and Russia, and 16 per cent of the poll respondents said they are either of Ukrainian descent or directly related to someone who is.

The Maru poll used a random sample of more than 1,500 Canadian adults between Feb. 25 to Feb. 27.

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