Canadians more inclined to buy electric, hybrid cars due to soaring gas prices: poll

By Lucas Casaletto

Canadians appear far more likely to purchase electric or hybrid vehicles, but it’s not necessarily because of the environmental impact.

With gas prices soaring globally and impacting the lives of Canadians, a new survey courtesy of Maru Public Opinion finds that 48 per cent of respondents are considering a fully electric-powered or hybrid vehicle for their next four-wheel purchase.

The results are based on a poll consisting of 1,555 respondents.

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The survey also reveals that a majority (56 per cent) believe the higher gas prices are here to stay — and might even get higher.

“Canadians believe the top two reasons behind recent gas pump price increases are a tightening world supply because of international events (27 per cent), and petroleum/gas companies who are just hiking pump costs for greater profit-taking (24%),” said John Wright, Executive Vice President of Maru Public Opinion.

Prices currently sit at 184.9 cents per litre at most GTA stations, with another increase expected for Wednesday. The cost of gasoline has already topped $2 a litre in British Columbia as Canadians continue to see eye-popping numbers at the pump.

On Monday, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney announced his government was suspending the collection of his province’s fuel tax, worth 13 cents per litre and rising. It’s unclear if Ontario Premier Doug Ford will follow suit.

The chief petroleum analyst at En-Pro International Inc, Roger McKnight, has said that gas prices in southern Ontario could reach $2.20 per litre by next month.

Demographically, the survey determined that electric and hybrid cars are most appealing to younger Canadian
adult drivers (aged 18-34, 31 per cent), followed by the middle-aged (35-54, 12 per cent), and people aged 55-and-up.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has pushed oil prices to levels not seen in at least eight years as tanker companies shun Russian crude and sanctions exclude some banks from a global payments system, severely disrupting its exports.

On Sunday, energy giant Shell defended its purchase of Russian crude oil despite the invasion.

Russia is one of the biggest energy producers in the world.

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