Ontario speeding, aggressive driving deaths reach decade high: OPP

By Lucas Casaletto and Kaitlin Lee

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) revealed some daunting statistics on Wednesday, saying speeding and aggressive driving deaths reached a decade-high last year.

OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt says 81 people tragically lost their lives in speed-related fatalities — 315 people died on Ontario roads in 2021, a three per cent increase from the year before.

“We have also seen an increase in commercial motor vehicle collisions, with over 7,200 crashes involving commercial motor vehicles,” Schmidt said. “This is up about 17 per cent in the year previous.”

Alongside speeding, fatalities linked to inattentive drivers were up 29 per cent, the OPP says, while alcohol and drug-related deaths decreased by close to 50 per cent.

Seatbelt-related deaths were also down last year over the previous year.


OPP data: 

Fatal Motor vehicle Collisions 2021-2020 per cent change

  • Number of Fatal Collisions: 288 (2021) 284 (2020) – +1%
  • Persons Killed: 315 (2021) 304 (2020) – +4%
  • Persons Killed – Alcohol/Drug-related: 31 (2021) 57 (2020) – down 46%
  • Persons Killed – Inattentive-related: 58 (2021) 45 (2020) – +29%
  • Persons Killed – Speed-related: 81 (2021) 62 (2020) – +31%
  • Persons Killed – No Seatbelt: 48 (2021) 57 (2020) – down 16%

Motorcycle-related fatalities were down 17 per cent, with 35 people losing their lives last year.

Schmidt says it doesn’t matter if the roads are dry or if it’s raining or snowing — motorists must share the road responsibly and give it our full attention.

“The OPP is reminding Ontarians that everyone has a role to play in reducing the number of traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries,” provincial police said in a news release.

“Whether you are driving a car, off-road vehicle or paddling in a canoe, always operate your vehicle and vessel safely, always wear your seatbelt when you hit the road, your lifejacket on the water and your helmet while off-roading.”

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