Scarborough neighbourhood of Bendale-Glen Andrew offers many places to explore outdoors

As we visit the Scarborough neighbourhood of Bendale-Glen Andrew in this edition of Your Community, Nick Westoll checks out four green spaces and gathering spots worth stopping by throughout the year.

If you’re taking the TTC’s Scarborough RT (Line 3) through Bendale-Glen Andrew, you’ll likely notice you’re mostly surrounded by commercial and industrial businesses.

But if you get off at Scarborough Centre station, there’s a stellar collection of parks and green spaces in the neighbourhood to the south of the busy transit station to enjoy family fun and escape city life.

CityNews visited Bendale-Glen Andrew for a recent edition of Your Community and found four spots you should consider checking out throughout the year.

Albert Campbell Square at Scarborough Civic Centre

As you exited the main Scarborough Centre station entrance, Albert Campbell Square is a one-minute walk to your right (south). Located at the entrance of the Scarborough Civic Centre, there are different things to do year-round here.

In the winter, the pond outside the civic centre operates as a skating rink.

However, when the warmer weather comes, a newer splash pad at the square near the play structure is available to cool off.

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It’s common to see food festivals and other events here. Scarborough’s Afro-Carib Fest has been held at the square in the past.

When Nuit Blanche, the City of Toronto’s signature arts event, expanded to Scarborough a few years ago, Albert Campbell Square, the civic centre and Scarborough Town Centre all became the focal points of that expansion.

For instance, Albert Campbell Square saw a massive installation in 2022 called Tailings Pool. It was a large pool of water and the piece examinedat how natural resources are being consumed.

Frank Faubert Woodlot

If you’re visiting the Scarborough Civic Centre area and want a bit of a peaceful escape, head to the south side of the property on Borough Drive.

The Frank Faubert Woodlot, which is named after the last mayor of Scarborough before amalgamation, is full of mature trees and is a passive place to stroll through or sit.

There are a few paths that go through the green space and connect to McCowan and Ellesmere roads.

Birkdale Ravine

If you’re up for a walk, go Ellesmere Road west past Brimley Road to the Birkdale Ravine in the highland creek watershed. The green space acts as an important migration corridor for birds and wildlife.

Should you visit at the end of April or the beginning of May, look for Pomeroy Street as you head south. A parkette there is home to the Sakura Tree Planting Project.

The space was built in 2016 and celebrates a friendship with Sagamihara, Japan.

If you don’t want to fight the crowds at High Park during cherry blossom bloom season, this is the perfect spot to take in the rows of beautiful Sakura trees.

Thomson Memorial Park

Lastly, follow the ravine east across Brimley Road to Thompson Memorial Park.

This huge park, which is located north of Brimley Road and Lawrence Avenue East, is home to the Scarborough Historical Museum.

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A leash-free zone for dogs, tennis courts and sports fields are among the amenities on offer at Thompson Memorial Park.

Every summer the park also becomes a food lover’s destination. Scarborough Ribfest sets up at the park and is a draw for those looking for barbecued delicacies.

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