Jane-Finch restaurant offers Caribbean food, vibes and a feeling of community

Debes Roti and Doubles is a staple for great Trinidadian food in the Jane and Finch community. Stella Acquisto takes a look.

By Stella Acquisto

A decade ago, the Mohammed family started Debes Roti and Doubles, a staple for Trinidadian food in Toronto’s Jane and Finch community.

The first location, which is now closed, was started by Jenny and her son, Randy Mohammed, at Albion Road and Islington Avenue. That’s where Randy met his wife Sol.

A few years later, they opened the second spot in the Jane and Finch neighbourhood, and now they have another location near Steeles Avenue and Weston Road in Woodbridge.

“We just really wanted to showcase our family food. All the family recipes and whatnot from my grandmother,” says owner Randy Mohammed.

Most dishes are made in-house, including the hot sauce, which has a nice heat to it.

“Yeah, it’s freshly made in-house,” adds Randy.

“It’s a great spot to meet people. People tend to come here not only for the great food but for the vibe and the personal experiences, and it gives them a sense of home. For some a way to get away and feel like you’re back in the Caribbean.”

Although the family has had success on the restaurant side of things, they say it’s important to help the community that supports them.

“We’ve previously worked with the Jane and Finch community where we’ve gathered all our tips for the month, and once we get to a certain amount, we will get a family from the Jane and finch community, and we will buy groceries for them,” says co-owner Sol Mohammed.

Click here for more information on the restaurant and its food offerings.

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