Grass cutting on DVP, Gardiner must be done during daytime, City says

By Kyle Hocking

Drivers on both the Don Valley Parkway (DVP) and Gardiner Expressway have been grappling with heavier than usual delays for the past three weeks as springtime maintenance continues.

Crews have been working on cutting grass and trimming trees and hedges alongside both routes, which has, at times, led to lane restrictions and major traffic backups.

CityNews reached out to the City of Toronto to ask why this type of maintenance cannot be done during the overnight hours as is typical on 400-series highways.

The City said there is a long list of reasons and the main one is to ensure crews doing the work are safe.

“Grass cutting is conducted during the day to ensure the safety of crews, who lack the proper lighting tools, and because the changing terrain around the highway requires full visibility to maneuver equipment effectively” the City told CityNews in an email.

“As there is often a significant amount of debris around the highway from illegal dumping, visibility is crucial for crews to identify and navigate potential hazards.”

The City also said it has decided to place the needs of residents who live near each highway above those who drive on them.

“The resulting noise from grass cutting overnight would also disrupt nearby residents” the City said.

CityNews was told this type of maintenance only happens seven times per year, but it typically takes weeks at a time to finish each highway.

The City said it has directed the contractor completing the work to start later in the mornings, and finish earlier in the afternoon to minimize traffic disruptions.

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