Candlelight vigil held in Toronto to honour lives lost in Israel and Gaza

Members of the Jewish community gathered for a vigil in downtown Toronto on Sunday night to honour the lives lost in Israel.

Dozens of mourners gathered at Matt Cohen Park near Bloor Street West and Spadina Road for the candlelight vigil, sharing stories and listening to music while remembering the men, women and children killed in the attacks.

Those at the rally also called for the safe release of hostages being held, an end to the bombings in the Gaza Strip, and they want the Canadian government to push for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

“You cannot bring back dead people, you cannot bring back the murdered by murdering more people – we want to say that loud and clear, that a ceasefire must happen now,” said Daniel Roth, one of those present at the vigil.

“I think that people have drawn lines between Israelis and Palestinians and I think what we need to do is draw lines between those who are for life and for humanity and those who are against it, those who are seeking more violence.”

“We want Canada to be on the side of life, we want Canada to be on the side of humanity. We want Canada to stand up for all Israelis and Palestinians and all the peoples that call that place home.”

The vigil comes on the same day Global Affairs Canada confirmed the death of a fifth Canadian in Israel after a series of attacks by Hamas militants

More than 1,000 Canadians have already left Israel via military planes bound for Athens and officials say two planes departed Sunday with two more slated for Monday.

The government said Sunday it is currently assisting about 3,300 permanent residents, Canadians and their families while still working to get up to 300 Canadians and their relatives out of Gaza ahead of an expected ground invasion by Israel.

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