The concerns of iGaming in Ontario


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In recent years, the landscape of online casinos in Ontario has undergone a significant transformation, marked by efforts to regulate and streamline the iGaming industry. However, this shift has not been without its challenges.

In this article, we look at the concerns surrounding iGaming in Ontario, exploring the regulatory process, the challenges faced by operators, and the compliance issues impacting online casinos in the province.

The current status of iGaming in Ontario

As of 2024, the iGaming scene in Ontario has seen a surge in popularity, with a growing number of residents turning to online casinos for their entertainment. The convenience of playing from home or on the go, coupled with a diverse selection of gaming options, has contributed to the industry’s expansion.

However, this rapid growth has brought forth concerns about the need for effective regulation to ensure a secure and fair gaming environment for players in the province.

Regulatory process: AGCO and iGaming Ontario

The AGCO has been instrumental in leading the way in Ontario’s regulatory process. The creation of iGaming Ontario has further demonstrated the province’s unwavering commitment to overseeing and regulating online casinos fostering fair competition, and protecting players.

Defining the criteria for operators seeking licenses was one of the most significant challenges faced during the regulatory process.

To accomplish this goal, the AGCO conducted thorough background checks, financial assessments, and compliance checks on potential operators. This approach guarantees that operators are fully equipped to comply with regulations and offer a safe gaming environment.

Overall, the AGCO’s work has made significant strides in ensuring that Ontario’s online casino industry operates with integrity, safety, and fairness.

Hurdles for operators: Navigating the licensing process

Obtaining a license to operate an online casino in Ontario proved to be a difficult task for many operators. The requirements set by the AGCO meant that only those committed to upholding the highest standards in player safety and fair gaming practices could secure approval.

This often translated into a lengthy and meticulous application process, leading to delays in the launch of several online casinos. However, a handful of operators were able to launch right out of the gate, including JackpotCity, PlayOJO and SpinCasino.

The compliance issues faced by operators were not limited to the licensing stage alone. Once licensed, operators had to continually meet and uphold regulatory standards, facing periodic audits and assessments to ensure ongoing compliance.

This commitment to compliance, while essential for player protection, presented operational challenges for some operators, requiring hefty internal systems and processes.

Compliance issues impacting online casinos in the province

Despite the regulatory efforts, compliance issues have emerged as a persistent concern affecting online casinos in Ontario. These issues include a range of areas, like data protection, responsible gaming practices, and adherence to advertising standards.

Casino operators have to abide by a lot of regulations, and if they don’t, they might get fined or lose their license. Since online casinos deal with a lot of personal and financial details, they can be attractive to cyber threats. Following the rules means operators have to put strong security measures in place to keep player data safe.

Responsible gaming and advertising standards

Online casinos in Ontario must implement measures to prevent and address gambling addiction, including tools for self-exclusion, age verification, and spending limits. Striking the right balance between providing an enjoyable gaming experience and promoting responsible gaming poses an ongoing challenge for operators.

Advertising standards have also come under scrutiny, with regulations in place to ensure that marketing practices are fair and transparent and do not target vulnerable players. Finding a middle ground between promoting services and following strict advertising rules is a continuous challenge for companies trying to build a robust online presence.

What’s next?

iGaming in Ontario is an ever-changing industry, and operators appear to be fully committed to ensuring that players are safe and that gaming is fair. However, there are still some compliance issues and operational hurdles that need to be addressed. Nonetheless, the future of iGaming in Ontario is promising and is expected to continue growing and evolving.

This article is presented to you by Ontario Casinos. Must be 19 or older. Ontario only. Please play responsibly. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, visit

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