TTC boosting service on 24 bus routes mostly in Scarborough, North York and Etobicoke

Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow has said that improving the speed and reliability of Toronto's transit system is a top priority, after a new deal on funding was reached with the Ontario government. Melissa Duggan speaks with professor, Eric Miller, from the University of Toronto on how to improve TTC service levels, and some of the challenges blocking Toronto city councillors from building an ambitious transit plan.

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) will increase bus service on two dozen routes that mostly serve Scarborough, North York and Etobicoke — a move officials say is in response to complaints about crowding.

“I hear from people that they want more buses. That’s what they want. They want more buses more frequently, shorter wait times, a comfortable ride not jammed like sardines and a more reliable commute,” Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow said during a news conference Tuesday morning.

Beginning on Sunday, TTC service is set to increase on the following routes:

  • 19 Bay
  • 25 Don Mills
  • 36 Finch West
  • 39 Finch East
  • 44 Kipling South
  • 46 Martin Grove
  • 53 Steeles East
  • 57 Midland
  • 60 Steeles West
  • 68 Warden
  • 72 Pape
  • 76 Royal York South
  • 95 York Mills
  • 104 Faywood
  • 111 East Mall
  • 114 Queens Quay East (new)
  • 122 Graydon Hall
  • 123 Sherway
  • 184 Ancaster Park
  • 902 Markham Road Express
  • 935 Jane Express
  • 939 Finch Express
  • 995 York Mills Express

Officials said the 995 York Mills Express bus route will see up to a 50 per cent service increase at times and the 902 Markham Road route will see more articulated buses to create extra capacity.

A look at the posted changes showed buses on many of the routes will see intervals increased at certain times by one to five minutes. However, certain trips on some routes will see slight time increases as part of an effort to address reliability.

“These changes can’t come soon enough,” TTC chair Jamaal Myers said.

He said the TTC bus network is currently operating at 91 per cent capacity, and after Sunday, it will have 96 per cent of its pre-pandemic service hours.

TTC CEO Rick Leary said remote work policies have changed how riders are using the system, noting off-peak and weekend demand has jumped.

On certain weekend days, he said they have seen 118 per cent ridership compared to pre-pandemic levels and night service has also seen slightly more demand than before COVID-19.

TTC Pape station bus terminal temporarily closing

There will be big changes in how buses service the station for riders who travel through Pape station.

Beginning on Sunday until sometime in the fall, construction crews will close access to the bus terminal for major Ontario Line-related construction.

25 Don Mills and 925 Don Mills Express buses will be redirected to Broadview station. 72B Pape and 81 Thorncliffe Park are being suspended while 72A and 72C Pape buses will be extended north to Thorncliffe Park (boarding will happen on Pape Avenue). 114 Queens Quay East buses will offer a connection to Union Station and replace 72B buses.

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