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Are You Getting The Reduced GST On Your Purchases?

On Saturday, the federal Goods and Services Tax was knocked down from seven to six per cent.

The one per cent drop may not make a huge difference on small purchases, but it’s likely most Canadians would still rather have the money in their pockets than the government’s.

But it may not be ending up in either, as some businesses have been slow to make the change in their tills, still charging the old rate to unsuspecting customers whether on purpose or by accident.

Ottawa says it’s ultimately up to consumers to inspect their receipts to ensure they’re getting the reduced rate, especially since as of right now there are no fines in place to enforce the change.

Even in cases where businesses are eager to comply, it’s can be hard for some to do so, as changing the tills on registers is proving to be a major process in itself.

“It costs $60 and the boss said to take the machine and go and there was a considerable lineup as I understand it,” said Brent Summers, a local retail employee.

“We can adjust everything else on our machine, like the time or the date, but not anything to do with taxes.”

Some stores have resorted to writing out receipts by hand, which savvy shoppers know could lead to even more mistakes. The message it seems, is to look closely at the numbers with each and every purchase that you make.

“My problem is I have my own business, so I have to remember I’m charging clients six and not seven per cent,” said one local proprietor.

If you’ve been overcharged since the July 1 st change, don’t freak out. You can always apply for a rebate from the Canada revenue agency, so long as you still have your receipt – which especially in the case of larger buys, is always a good idea.