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N.D.P. Candidate Furious Over L.S.D. Video

Earlier this week, it was Karla Homolka.

Now the Liberals have dredged up yet another bizarre piece of history in an effort to discredit their N.D.P. opponent.

They’ve managed to find a video featuring United Church minister Cheri DiNovo talking about her misspent youth and her drug use.

“We used to import L.S.D. from California,” the candidate is seen saying in an old video posted on the Internet. “It was genuine Owlsey acid in those days…We did it in hollowed-out bibles. That was a safe way of getting it across the border.”

The reformed drug user was speaking to young addicts, trying to convince them it’s possible to kick their habits. But Grit hopeful Sylvia Watson thinks it reveals something far more important about the woman who wants to represent Parkdale-High Park. 

“Bragging about that sort of activity to 16- and 21-year-olds is not appropriate,” she claims.

The latest salvo comes just a day after the Liberals quoted a sermon by DiNovo, in which she seemed to be comparing Homolka to the persecution of Jesus Christ – a speech the N.D.P. maintains was taken completely out of context.

Her reaction to this latest attempt to discredit her? “I refuse to degrade myself,” she vows in response. “I refuse to sink to the level of Miss Watson and her campaign. I will not make that the focus of my byelection campaign.”

The Liberals are in a tooth-and-nail battle to keep the riding once held by Gerard Kennedy, now running for the party’s leadership.

Once again, voters don’t seem impressed with the tone the campaign has taken.

“I think to run a campaign on issues is great,” outlines Therese Beaupre. “To run a campaign on character assassination is just below the belt.”

She’ll get her chance to make that point and more when the vote for the vacant seat is held on Thursday. You’ll get the final results that same evening on CityNews Tonight at 11pm.