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Dozens Dead In Indonesian Plane Crash

A plane crash in a mountainous area of Indonesia has killed 90 people.

Amazingly, 12 people survived the crash, which involved a Boeing 737 operated by local budget carrier AdamAir. It went down early Monday on Indonesia’s Sulawesi island in the country’s northeast. A spokesperson for the airliner said the condition of the survivors wasn’t known.

The plane was flying from Java island to Sulawesi when it disappeared an hour before it was scheduled to land. Bad weather may have contributed to the crash – according to national aviation chief Ichsan Tatang the captain sent out two distress signals when the plane was still in the air.

The craft was carrying six crew members and 96 passengers.

Officials said it was last inspected on December 25 and had flown more than 45,000 hours.

Indonesia’s airline industry was deregulated in 1999 and at least a dozen budget airlines, including AdamAir, sprung up afterward. But with the inexpensive flights came safety concerns about the planes being leased – many of which are decades old.

The country has experienced weeks of bad weather and a number of deadly floods. On Friday a ferry sank in the Java Sea, leaving at least 400 people dead or missing.