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YouTube Awards To Honour Best Clips Of 2006

They may not be big budget, special effects-laden Hollywood blockbusters, but some of the viewer videos created on YouTube have become just as popular, which prompted the people behind the clip-sharing site to honour the best of the best with awards.

The YouTube Video Awards, seeking to recognize the top clips of 2006, will be broken down into seven categories: most creative, most inspirational, best series, best comedy, musician of the year, best commentary and “most adorable video ever.”

The site’s community members can vote for their picks starting Monday, and ending Friday. The victors will be announced on March 25.

“We wanted to call out some of the most popular videos and let the users choose which ones deserve some additional recognition,” said YouTube’s product marketing chief Jamie Byrne.

“We looked at the genres of content that were the most popular last year. . We’ve seen and continue to see exciting new developments in the online video space where genres are being created.”

Nominees include Paul Robinett (” Renetto“) and Peter Oakley (” Geriatric 1927“), Barats and Bereta, Smosh, and Ask A Ninja. The band OK Go is also nominated for their acclaimed treadmill music video “Here It Goes Again.”

Byrne doesn’t know whether the awards will become an annual event.

“We want to see how the community responds to it, but we can see this being something that grows as we continue to grow and becomes a bigger and more exciting event in the future,” he suggested.

YouTube was founded in 2005 before being bought by Google – in the month of January it reportedly topped 133 million visitors internationally.