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Ontario To Appoint New Supervisor At Brampton Civic Hospital

Ontario’s privately funded hospital in Brampton opened just six weeks ago, but it’s already getting a new supervisor.

The move comes after Bramptonians raised concerns that long wait times are leading to health complications and even deaths.

Premier Dalton McGuinty said the government got the message after residents staged a large protest Sunday calling for more staff, beds and reduced wait times at the Brampton Civic hospital. But the premier rejects suggestions from the opposition and some protesters that the hospital’s private-sector involvement is somehow to blame for problems in delivering health care.

“There will be someone accountable to me, but we’re going to work closely with the local community that’s reflected in the board of the hospital,” explained Health Minister George Smitherman. “There’s about 300 more people working there than at the old hospital, but obviously for all of the investment and efforts that have been made, the underlying circumstances aren’t getting the job done and confidence is not where it needs to be.”

New Democrat Leader Howard Hampton said the government must resolve problems at the hospital and stop letting corporations get involved with health care. Meanwhile, opposition leader Bob Runciman said appointing a supervisor is necessary to figure out how to better run the hospital.

The hospital was built by the private sector, but is funded and managed by the province.

The new supervisor will start within the next couple of weeks, but there’s no word on who will get the job.