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Subway Service Resumes, Streets Open To Traffic

After a ‘rush’ hour that was anything but, subway service has resumed between Eglinton and Bloor stations.

Streets in the area have reopened to both traffic and pedestirans.

Earlier on Wednesday, the TTC shut down, forcing large crowds into several downtown intersections.

Private contractors working on a bridge near St. Clair caused structural damage to the subway tunnel. And when engineers were called in to look at the problem, the verdict was train service would be suspended for the rest of the evening.

That proved to be false, and service had resumed by 8:30pm. 

“They were doing road cuts with road saws, not realizing that the tunnel was just below them, ” TTC spokesman Brad Ross outlined.

“They cut deep into the tunnel and we are now concerned that that slab of concrete they’ve cut could fall into the tunnel.”

There was no service to Rosedale, Summerhill, St. Clair and Davisville stations. Trains turned back at Bloor and Eglinton and shuttle buses were operating along that section of the line.

“It’s been chaos,” rider Henry described.

Hundreds of riders flooded out of the affected stations to wait for buses, standing shoulder to shoulder right beside rush-hour traffic.

“It’s really inconvenient,” he added.

Some would-be riders decided to walk home – but they had some trouble.

Pedestrians and drivers had to deal with streets that were shut down so shuttle buses could get through.