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First batch of vehicle tax refunds mailed out

Your vehicle tax refunds cheques are in the mail. 

Mayor Rob Ford assured that Friday by personally placing several batches of them inside a mailbox during a press conference at City Hall.

As promised on the campaign trail, Ford slashed the $60 personal vehicle tax (PVT) and anyone who paid the levy in advance by purchasing a two-year renewal in 2010 should receive their money back soon – two months ahead of the initial schedule.

“Getting rid of the car tax is a major win for the taxpayers of Toronto under this new administration,” said Ford. “Improving customer service is my number one priority and the early mail out of the cheques demonstrates my commitment and promise to doing just that.” 

“147,000 refund cheques will be mailed out to the people who have prepaid for their 2011 stickers,” he assured.  “Again I would like to thank the city staff for all their hard work in making this happen two months earlier then planned.”

In one of his first points of business after becoming mayor, Ford slashed the PVT Dec. 16, 2010 when the new council met. The cut officially took effect last month.

While vehicle owners may be happy about the savings critics claim axing the program will cost the city tens of millions in lost annual revenue, and that taxpayers will shoulder the burden in 2012.

“I’m not worried about 2012,” Ford responded.  “I take one year at a time, so we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.”

Coun. Shelley Carroll thinks that’s short-sighted.

“I think the mayor better start thinking about 2012…he’s got to replace $50million worth on ongoing revenue that we’ve always had.”