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Pop ban proposed for city vending machines

A vending machine in downtown Victoria, B.C. CP PHOTO/Don Denton.

City council will hear a proposal to ban soft drinks in parks and rec facilities next month.  

On Tuesday, the government management committee voted to turn down the staff recommendation and allow half of the drinks in city vending machines to contain added sugar.

If adopted, the city would stock its vending machines only with two per cent milk or soy milk and 100 per cent fruit or vegetable juice – an attempt to curb obesity and offer healthy options.

Energy drinks, pop and flavoured water would be gone by November 2014, and until then, only be allowed in 355 ml bottles or smaller.

The five-year contract came up for renewal last October, but city council postponed its decision so it could consider a study from the Medical Officer of Health.

Bottled water was banned from city facilities in December 2008 to reduce waste, but will still be sold until the end of this year when tap water and fountains can be made available.

To read the proposal, click here.