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PropertyGuys.com, Realtysellers merger could mean lower fees

PropertyGuys.com and Realtysellers Real Estate Inc. have decided to combine their businesses, which they say could mean lower fees for buyers and sellers.

The companies announced their merger on Thursday, promising an end to high commissions for real estate agents and brokers.

PropertyGuys.com allows owners to list and sell their own properties without using an agent. Realtysellers is a brokerage group.

Realtysellers president and CEO Lawrence Dale is known in the industry for lobbying the Competition Bureau for changes, including allowing  real estate brokers to charge a flat fee for individual services

That means, for example, sellers can post a listing on Realtor.ca.

“[The merger] is a real game changer for how the industry will operate from now on and a huge win for consumers,” Dale said in a statement.

“The Competition Bureau’s actions pave the way for PropertyGuys.com and Realtysellers to come together. This is the type of deal that consumers want and traditional agents fear,” Dale added.

Ken LeBlanc, president and CEO of PropertyGuys.com, applauded Dale’s efforts.

“This partnership is possible because of recent industry changes that Lawrence pursued for years. This new union will give our current and future customers access to brokerage services that were previously off limits,” LeBlanc said.