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Jason Priestley in Toronto for Mamet play ‘Race’

Actor Jason Priestley speaks to CityNews at the Bluma Appel Theatre on April 10, 2013. CITYNEWS.

Canadian actor Jason Priestley, best known for his role in 90s TV show Beverly Hill, 90210, is currently starring in Pulitzer Prize-winner David Mamet’s play Race in Toronto.

Race is pure David Mamet,” Priestley, 43, told CityNews at the Bluma Appel Theatre on Wednesday.

“It’s challenging and it challenges audiences because it’s gritty and it’s raw.”

In Race, Priestley plays a lawyer representing a white man accused of raping a young black woman. His fellow lawyer is also black, leading to racially charged dialogue.

“Mamet pulls no punches when it comes to his ideas or his language…there is a lot of humour, a lot of dry and sarcastic humour,” he said.

The play is directed by Daniel Brooks and co-stars Matthew Edison, Cara Ricketts and Nigel Shawn William. Click here for ticket information.

Priestley, who has continued acting and directing since Beverly Hills, last appeared on stage in 2000. He starred opposite Edie Falco in Side Man in London’s West End and said he was happy to be back on stage.

“I think it’s important to come back to the theatre, to remind yourself what we do that is opposite to what we do on film or television sets,” he said, adding Toronto was the perfect location.

“It was a wonderful opportunity…Toronto is a huge theatre town and as a Canadian, it’s exciting to come back here and be involved in the theatre scene here,” he said.

The play opens Thursday and runs until May 5 at the Bluma Appel Theatre.