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TDSB teacher sent home for posting explicit oral sex brochure in classroom

A screengrab showing the brochure that was posted in a TDSB school. CITYNEWS.

A teacher at a TDSB alternative school has been removed from the classroom and told to work from home after he posted a brochure that gives men tips on how to perform oral sex safely on other men in his Grade 7/8 classroom.

Students tell CityNews the teacher’s name is Wade Vroom.

The brochure, published by the AIDS Committee of Toronto, is targeted to adults and was created to be posted in gay bars. Aside from explicit tips on giving oral sex, it shows an image of a naked man with another man kneeling in front of him.

The brochure was posted on a bulletin board in a sex ed class at the Delta Alternative Sr. School on Montrose Avenue near Ossington Avenue and Harbord Street in Toronto.

The school operates out of the third floor of Montrose Public School.

The graphic content riled some parents.

“You’re 12, 13, and 14 years old and you’re showing that to young kids? That is so wrong,” a parent named Liz said.

Another didn’t seem to think it was a big deal.

“I don’t imagine there would be that many of them (students) that would be that shocked by that,” a laid back dad told CityNews.

The content has been removed, and the TDSB is looking into the matter.

“My understanding is that it was meant to speak about a delicate issue in a more direct way with some of the students, but clearly it crossed a line and that’s why it was taken down,” said TDSB spokesperson Ryan Bird.

Ontario Education Minister Liz Sandals reacted to the news, saying: “The sort of material which was described, would certainly be of great concern not just to me…but to parents.”

Students say the brochure was put up in October, but wasn’t noticed by the principal until last Friday.

“I think this begs the bigger question of why the principal wasn’t aware of it, why other parents weren’t aware of it, why school council wasn’t aware of it?” asked Doretta Wilson, Society for Quality Education.