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Toronto police officer charged in G20 case says he did not assault anyone

The first Toronto police officer to go to trial on criminal charges stemming from G20 protests said in court Tuesday he did not assault anyone.

Const. Glenn Weddell says the only contact he had with Dorian Barton on June 26, 2010, was to help him up off the ground.

Barton’s shoulder was broken that day and he alleges that a police officer hit him with a riot shield, knocking him to the ground, and that he was hit several more times, possibly with a baton.

Video of Barton’s arrest begins with the Toronto man on the ground and shows two officers helping him up, then one of them gives Barton a shove and Barton appears to trip over a curb and falls to the ground.

Weddell says he doesn’t know how Barton got on the ground the first time, but the only time he touched him was to help him up — and he wasn’t the officer who shoved him.

Weddell has pleaded not guilty to assault causing bodily harm and assault with a weapon.