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Ousted executive committee member given no reason for dismissal

Ousted executive committee member Jaye Robinson said she was given no reason for her dismissal, telling city hall reporters that she has not yet spoken to Mayor Rob Ford.

Robinson learned she was out of the executive Monday afternoon. On Tuesday morning, she said the message came through staff, and the mayor did not speak to her personally.

“It is unfortunate that the mayor did not have the courtesy or respect to remove me from executive in person, face to face,” she said.

While Ford did not give a reason for her ouster, Robinson speculated it was for two reasons.

“The mayor has not spoken to me about my removal from executive and I have been given no reason. I think I’ve been removed because of two reasons: In the last few weeks, I spoke quite openly about the serious allegations … and that I also spoke about Doug Ford, the mayor’s brother, speaking on behalf of the mayor. My constituents want to hear from the mayor, not from Doug Ford.”

Doug Ford, not Rob, responded to Robinson’s comments later on Tuesday.

“Councillor Robinson is being disingenuous. The mayor called Friday to set up an appointment with her,” he said.

Ford said her office cancelled the Monday night meeting. He said she was removed because “we’re going in a different direction.”

She was replaced by Coun. Anthony Perruzza.

“I don’t this is a big deal. The only people that are making this a big deal is the media…We have a little biased media in this city, everyone knows it,” Ford added.

Robinson was one of six executive committee members who signed an open letter urging the mayor to be more transparent in his response to the allegations of reported drug use last month.

On Tuesday, she said again that she encouraged the mayor to take a temporary leave of absence, which would “allow the rest of us to get on with city business. I continue to believe a clear and accountable approach is in the best interest of the mayor and the city.”

“I am not asking the mayor to resign,” Robinson said, in response to a question from reporters.

“He should not be tried by the council or by the media. A temporary leave of absence” is in the best interest of the city.

Robinson, who described herself as a “moderate” and “independent” voice on the executive committee, said she would “continue to support a fiscally responsible agenda.”

She had been a member of the committee for nearly three years.