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Retired astronaut Chris Hadfield supports Movember campaign

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield prepares for a trip to the International Space Station on Dec. 19, 2012. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS/Maxim Shipenkov

We’re midway through November and the efforts to raise awareness – and funds – for prostate cancer have hit their scruffy, stubbly stride.

The Movember campaign encourages men to grow moustaches to support men’s health.

Retired astronaut Chris Hadfield, who attracted a huge following on social media during his mission on the International Space Station earlier this year, released his own video supporting Movember.

“Hi, I’m Chris Hadfield, famous astronaut, and I have a moustache,” he says.

He also mocks his own videos, joking that the instructions of preparing meals on Earth don’t have the same dramatic effect.

“Look at that – the cereal just falls straight into the bowl,” he says.

Hadfield, whose videos of David Bowie song of Space Oddity and science experiments garnered millions of views, then asks, “How many hits do you think this will get?”

Watch the video below:

Movember Canada director Pete Bombaci said earlier this month it’s one of the most effective health care campaigns in the country.

“We know that from stats from past years, 75 per cent of men talked about their health during the month of November,” Bombaci said.

“Ninety per cent of them started to think about their health and did some research on their health. Just great stats getting them to realize they are not invincible.”

In 2012, $42.6 million was raised in Canada during Movember.

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