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Liberal candidate demands recount after losing seat due to data error

An Ontario Liberal candidate has demanded a recount in her Thornhill riding, after the seat she won in Thursday’s election was withdrawn.

Elections Ontario declared a Progressive Conservative victory in the district Saturday after initially saying the Liberals had captured the GTA seat.

After the final tabulation was reviewed, Liberal candidate Sandra Yeung Racco had 21,783 votes, not the 21,837 originally reported.

PC incumbent Gila Martow was thought to have 21,752 votes, but the final count has her at 21,868 and clinching the seat for her party.

Both PC and Liberal representatives learned of the error Friday while they oversaw the official tabulations at Elections Ontario.

The tabulation does not count individual ballots, which are sealed as soon as they are counted at the polling station. Rather, the elections officer compiles the total number of votes reported from each poll on a tally sheet.

Elections Ontario said the miscounts were caused by minor clerical errors.

The final total at Queen’s Park is 58 for the Liberals, 28 for the Conservatives and 21 for the NDP.